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Safety During Covid-19

Healing Path Craniosacral is open for Craniosacral therapy and Integrative massage. A warm hello to all of you!


With much consideration and preparation, I have enhanced my practice with extra cleaning protocols, new techniques, and safety equipment designed to make the very best Craniosacral therapy, Integrative massage, and Intra-Oral treatment available to you in this age of Covid-19. This is an ongoing process. As science learns more about this disease, I will continue to make adjustments to keep us safe.

  - I wear a surgical mask.

  - I take every client's temperature upon arrival; I frequently take my own temperature, as well.
  - Safety glasses/goggles are available.
  - I have dedicated bottles of oil for each client.
  - I schedule a longer break between appointments to...
          • thoroughly scrub my hands, completely change my clothes, and put on a new surgical mask;
          • sanitize all surfaces, including bathroom surfaces, railings, and front door handle / keypad.

  - I constantly run a fan and a Coway air purifier.

  - From the building manager: the building's air system is NOT recirculated, but draws in outside air. In addition, masks are required for everyone inside the building and waiting areas are set up for social distancing.

  - For intra-oral techniques, I wear a face shield and gloves; clients wear safety glasses/goggles in addition to their own mask (which they adjust as necessary).

To help us both, I ask you to:

Since the pandemic emerged, there has been a massive increase in our stress level, with new problems to solve in our personal economies, our health and our lives. Stress saps our immune system and accentuates anxiety, and it can lead to sleeplessness, poor focus and low energy... all this on top of our other issues. Craniosacral therapy is profoundly calming to the nervous system and can be done completely clothed. Integrative massage offers the healing aspect of physical contact in this time of increased isolation. And you needn't ride out unrelenting jaw pain and headaches: modified Intra-Oral work is available — plus you can learn new self care techniques. If you need help, you can get it.

I have instituted a variety of Covid-19 safety protocols based on recommendations of the WA State Department of Health (DOH) regarding re-opening of non-urgent healthcare/personal services in Phase II of Governor Inslee's plan.

The following protocols are in place to minimize risk:

  - Wear a mask and comfortable clothing.

  - Bring your own pillowcase and blanket. (When using your own pillowcase, you may remove your mask when lying face-down.)

  - Please self-screen for respiratory or flu symptoms prior to your appointment. If you have any symptoms of illness — or have been exposed to anyone who has — let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule your session (24 hours in advance if possible).

Outside of the studio, I keep my distance and limit my exposure to others, always monitoring myself for any symptoms of illness. If I feel unwell I will let you know — and I expect the same of you.   

These protocols have been put in place to protect us both. They are based on scientific evidence and the recommendations of the CDC & WA Department of Health.

I look forward to seeing you and helping you sustain your health in this stressful time. I am here for you.

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