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I love working with my clients and strive to develop a partnership with each person that builds over time. We work together to solve the problem, change the dynamic, reinvent the pattern. I listen, and here are some of the responses I have heard...

"Susanne is a very skillful professional. I saw her after a car accident and concussion. She analyzed my injury and tried different methods to release the trauma around my head and neck. She would even study before our sessions and come up with different things to try, based on my feedback. It was one of the best concussion treatments I received. After just couple of sessions, I felt a big shift in my concussion-related headaches and sleeping issues. I highly recommend her!"

– S.K.


"Susanne truly does have healing hands! I started seeing her for relief from Burning Mouth Syndrome (constant numb and tingling tongue) due to nervous system disregulation. At the time, she was one of the only healers offering the intra-oral and jaw work I desperately needed. After just a few sessions, coordinated with PT, my symptoms — which had been present for almost a year — were gone! 


I continue to see Susanne because her intuitive touch induces such a pure state of relaxation in both body and mind. She is very gifted in being able to identify where work in the body is needed, and always so generous in offering tips, insights, and suggested stretches or exercises for further relief and healing. She is also very gifted in prenatal massage. Seeing Susanne was, by far, one of the best things I did during pregnancy, for comfort and relaxation. She also offers a postpartum treatment option, to help recover from pregnancy and birth. I know and trust my body is in great hands with Susanne.
My husband recently suffered lingering effects from a concussion (eye pressure and headache); I suggested he see Susanne. After his first appointment, he said he was amazed at how gentle and subtle her approach felt — and that he felt 80% better already

I can not recommend Susanne and her healing touch enough! She is a godsend and I’m so appreciative to have found her."

– C.O.

"During the last months of my pregnancy, I began to have terrible sciatic nerve pain which worsened as I carried my growing baby. I explained my situation to Susanne. After her assessment, she held my leg for some time. I'm not sure how long it was, as I fell asleep. I was so relaxed. When I left her office I was pain free. I asked her what magic she had done, and she told me Craniosacral unwinding. The pain came on again three months later and I returned to her. Now it has been more than two years since I have not had to deal with that sciatic nerve pain. Thank you Susanne, you are just amazing!" 

– A.G.

"I wanted to try massage and Craniosacral treatments for a hip impingement I had been dealing with for several months. She was the perfect choice. I had already been to a sports medicine physician, received a cortisone injection, and spent weeks with a great physical therapist, but felt there was another angle that would be helpful. The Craniosacral work Susanne did helped my hip feel more relaxed than it had in a long time.  With each session the results lasted longer, especially when I took Susanne's recommendations for stretches to do at home. Working with Susanne helped me make a lot of progress in a short time."  


"Besides the feeling of physical well-being that lasts for days after, I experience a comparable period of unusual calmness, both in how I feel and in how I move about in the world."

- J. M. 

"I am really amazed how good I feel in my body and my attitude after the Craniosacral work.  It allowed me to get such a good, solid nights sleep, no upsetting dreams, no restlessness, no pain."


This has been such an interesting—almost indescribable—experience. There have been blasts of color and imagery from my past  When the sessions are over, I feel clear, which is an understatement. But it's a sense of intense nothing and ease. It is like a tuning fork for your mental acuity." 


"As close as I've come to floating."

- J. M. 

"Craniosacral work is like doing eight hours of meditation. So relaxing. I get images like I am dreaming."  


"Susanne has a keen intuition and a healing touch; she layers Craniosacral with massage and the results create an immediately-felt deep shift. I recommend Susanne to anyone seeking an empathic, committed and gentle healer."


Craniosacral Therapy
Susanne Ashland, throwing autumn leaves

"I had severe scoliosis as a teenager and had to have my entire spine fused. Susanne knows how to target the source of my muscle aches and relieve the pain. I recommend her highly.""


I had  severe back pain, to the extent that I had trouble sleeping and could not sit or stand for any reasonable period of time. Medication was not helping, and my doctor recommended physical therapy. I had always considered massage a frivolous luxury, but as I waited for my PT appointment I was in desperate need to stop the pain, so I called Susanne.  Even after my first session, my back pain significantly decreased

      Massage therapy is an outstanding pain management tool. If you are on the fence about massage therapy for pain management, I would highly recommend you try at least one session. The result might pleasantly surprise you as it did me."


"As a massage therapist myself, I am always searching for the best hands around. I have found them in Susanne. Her presence is calming and nurturing and her integrative technique is just what I need. Not only does she find 'the spots' each time, she has helped me heal from chronic neck pain. I now have more pain-free days than ever and am so deeply grateful."


"I have a lifelong history of needing chiropractic adjustment multiple times a year for neck and/or back pain. But since I've been treated by Zan (sixteen months and counting), I've not needed even a single adjustment."

– J.M. 

Integrative Massage for Pain Relief
Craniosacral Intra-Oral Techniques for TMJD

"If you have suffered from TMJ, you know how painful it can be. When I heard about intraoral massage, I was apprehensive about the idea of someone massaging the inside of my mouth. I talked it over with Susanne and she helped me feel incredibly comfortable about the idea. After my first massage, my jaw relaxed and
my headaches became less frequent. This technique worked so well for me! I recommend Susanne and the intra-oral technique unequivocally!"


"Intra-oral techniques for my jaw are just amazing and completely relaxing. My face and jaw muscles felt less tense, and range of motion in my jaw became much better. She also gave me recommendations for muscle stretches to reduce pain and relax. Susanne is very welcoming and knowledgeable."

- V.C.

After my first appointment my jaw loosened up and the pain subsided. I continued intra-oral treatments for the next several months and now my jaw is back to normal movement and the pain is gone. I recommend Susanne Ashland, LMT and the intra-oral work to anyone who needs some TMJD relief.


"Thanks so much for taking such good care of me in the last few months of my pregnancy. Your massages really helped me."


"I had the good fortune to receive massages throughout my pregnancy, and was surprised (and delighted) to learn that the cushion Susanne uses for pregnancy massage was comfortable from bump to blimp. Regular massages helped me stay comfortable, active, and healthy as my body changed."


Pregnancy Massage

"Susanne has a gift. She not only has a thorough intellectual knowledge of the human body, she has a deep, intuitive understanding. She senses your pain and troubles through her fingertips, and applies the perfect level of therapy to help you feel better and improve your health."


"I have been receiving massages from Susanne for over a year. She does an excellent job of releasing the tension I get from working at a computer and grading papers as well as loosening tender, tired muscles I often have from tennis and jogging. Susanne has the perfect touch."

–A. W.


"Massages have been part of my life for over 40 years. The work Susanne does lasts longer than anyone else's ever has."


"A few years ago I received a massage as a Christmas present. What a great gift! I have been with Susanne ever since. My profession has really taken a toll on my shoulders, neck, and back. Susanne has been a crucial part of keeping my body happy and able to continue my job. She is technically skilled, as well as kind and compassionate."

– M.B.M.

"I came in with a very bad neck and shoulder pain, as well as TMJD. Starting from the very first session, I've felt better step by step. She always asks questions before the session. Susanne tailors her techniques to my needs. I have never had the same massage."

- V. C.


"The best thing about you is your intuition. You always find things I didn't know needed work!"

- M. G. M.

Integrative Massage for Ongoing Wellness
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