About Me

I was once passionate about a career in theater. When I ruptured a disc onstage one night, at the age of 28, I started down a new path. Thankfully, skilled and compassionate people taught me to listen to my own body and this helped me heal. After two years — without surgery — I was back, ready to live my life. Then my father and both my mother's parents suddenly passed away, and my path changed again. I began studying massage therapy and became licensed in Oregon in 2001. By 2005, I was living and working in Seattle, and by 2008 I was the sole proprietor of Fabulous Massage Seattle. In 2020, my practice evolved into Healing Path Craniosacral. Who I am and what I do makes a difference. With each new path, I do my best to live this truth.

Integrative Massage

I tailor your sessions to what you need, in order to bring forth your deepest healing. Drawing from my 20 years of experience, I combine Craniosacral therapy and integrative massage, using whatever techniques intuitively come forth. I listen to what you tell me and observe how your body moves; your whole being guides your treatment.  


Integrative massage draws on a variety of modalities and techniques, combined in unique ways, to best address your issues. Techniques include:

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • Intraoral techniques, for treatment of TMJ and headaches (including migraines)

  • Pregnancy massage, using a a bodyCushion™

  • Fascial unwinding

  • Trigger point

  • Swedish massage

Craniosacral Therapy is energy work. It works because of intention
and because of focus

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

My teacher Ursula Popp described it as both a precise, exact form of therapy and a surprising, magical form of healing. This energy work involves a hands-on investigation of movement patterns of the Craniosacral system (cerebrospinal fluid, membranes, and bones of the cranium, jaw, spine, and sacrum). In the words of one client, "Craniosacral treatment is like doing 8 hours of meditation."


I'm very thankful for the contributions these partners have made to my practice.


Kellie Pecoraro took beautiful photos of me and my studio for this website and was really fun to work with. Highly recommended!

Ohm Bodywork. Enjoy the experience of Ashiatsu massage.

Shepard Moon Concoctions creates carefully-sourced, locally-produced, therapeutic-grade products. Meditate Bath Salts are a particular favorite. Ask me for a sample!

Becky Dobbins Design put this website together. She also does gardens!

Sun and Moon Medicine provides personal, holistic healthcare built on thousands of years of wisdom.


I'm eternally grateful for the support these special people have given me in my life. 

I dedicate my practice to my mother Lorraine, an intelligent, persistent artist. She was always there, unconditionally loving and supporting me. Going back to school at 40 was challenging, but we made it happen together.

Jeffrey Dawkins — beloved friend,  musician, producer, and web developer — built my first website. This was the push my business needed to grow, and I'm so thankful he convinced me to take the leap.

A big thank you to Esther Giffen, LMT, whose fabulous massages healed and inspired me. With every deep breath, I think of you.

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