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Shepard Moon Rising

Last week, I got my second vaccine shot. I am so grateful. I am really, really ready to return to a more normal life, and the thing I'm most looking forward to is taking a bath.

Shepard Moon bath salts are one of my favorite things.

A little backstory: my husband and I live in a simple house; we have a shower, but no bathtub. We're right next door to his parents' house. Thankfully, we have been able to see each other during lockdown, but only outside, wearing masks. Now that we've all been vaccinated, we can see each other without masks, and go inside each other's houses. Even have dinner together! And — I'm hoping — I can once again take a long, soothing soak in their big, beautiful bathtub!

Shepard Moon Concoctions creates carefully-sourced, locally-produced, therapeutic-grade products. Meditate Bath Salts are a particular favorite. At your next appointment, ask me for a sample!

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