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Follow Your Healing Path

Craniosacral Therapy • Integrative Massage

Meet Susanne Ashland LMT, CCST

Craniosacral Therapy - Integrative Massage

Healing Path Craniosacral was born out of my desire to work from the inside out, interacting with the intelligence in the body and building on the foundation of Fabulous Massage Seattle, the business I started in 2005.

I am committed to your health. We travel that healing path together. Touch, knowledge, experience, and intuition are my tools. Your body knows what it needs; I listen to the spoken — and the unspoken — and invite healing on all levels.

Washington #MA00021386, Oregon #7909   

        • Certified Craniosacral Therapist, CCST

        • Intraoral Endorsement

Meet Susanne


“Susanne has a keen intuition and a healing touch; she layers craniosacral with massage and the results create an immediately-felt deep shift.”

— S. M. 

Rates, Schedules, & Booking

Book Your Appointment    /   206-310-1733

Appointments are best made by email, and/or by using the contact form provided at the bottom of this page. Please include your desired studio location* (Seattle or Bainbridge Island), your date/time preference(s), full name, and phone number.

Schedule of Availability at each Location:

Seattle (booking one month out): Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Bainbridge Island: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays


*Note: I am currently scheduling a month in advance in Seattle. If you need care sooner, I invite you to consider my Bainbridge Island studio, a lovely 35-minute ferry trip away (built-in "me" time before and after your session). While on the island, enjoy a stroll through Winslow, forest bathe at the nearby Bloedel Reserve, or search for Bainbridge Island's troll, Pia the Peacekeeper.


Sessions are $135.00 for 75 minutes.
Longer appointments available upon arrangement in advance; add $27 per 15-minute increment.

Packages of three 75-minute sessions are $375 ($10 off each session), payable upon the first visit. Gift certificates available (please inquire).


I accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa/MC).


Prices subject to change; thank you for your understanding.
Fee for late cancellation (within 24 hours) is equal to the price of the missed session. If you have an emergency or sudden illness, the fee may be waived.


I am not accepting insurance directly. If you would like a receipt to submit for personal reimbursement I will be happy to provide one. 

New Patient?
Welcome! Please review the new patient forms and information in the My Approach section below.

Safety During Covid-19
With much consideration and preparation, I have instituted a variety of Covid-19 safety protocols. Let's stay safe!
Rates & Schedule

My Approach

I practice integrative massage — with a Craniosacral focus — that may include any or all of the following: fascial unwinding, intra-oral techniques, swedish massage, trigger point, and more.


"Susanne has a gift. She not only has a thorough intellectual knowledge of the human body, she has a deep, intuitive understanding. She senses your pain and troubles through her fingertips, and applies the perfect level of therapy to help you feel better and improve your health."

- M. R.

What to Expect...


Please wear or bring loose-fitting clothing to your appointment; this is best for craniosacral therapy. If I have you disrobe for massage, please be assured that you’ll always be draped with a sheet so only the area being worked on is uncovered. Planning some unhurried "You" time after your session may help you transition to the rest of your day. You are welcome to remain in the waiting area until you feel ready to leave.

Our session will begin with a conversation. We will discuss your general health, areas of concern, and what results you're hoping for. I listen to what you tell me and observe how your body moves during this initial evaluation. After your session, I'll check in to hear to how you feel and will share my observations.​

I invite you to speak up at any time during our session regarding temperature, pressure, positioning, pain, or any kind of discomfort. Your communication and participation is vital to your treatment.

Client Partnership

My clients are invested in their wellbeing and seek self-knowledge; they are active participants in their treatment.


In return, I bring all my tools to each session; intuition, compassion, respect, knowledge, creativity, professionalism, and twenty-three years of experience. I am dedicated to your health, and I expect the same of you. We go on this journey together.

Before Your First Visit...

I schedule a longer first visit (for the same price), so we can discuss your full health history and goals for treatment.

I ask that you complete these forms and bring them with you to your first appointment:
  - Client Intake Form (PDF)

  - Health History Addendum (PDF)

My Approach
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Phone:   206-310-1733
Email:  (or use the "Email Me" form below) 
Seattle Studio
4444 Woodland Park Ave N., #220, Seattle, WA 98103      |     by appointment Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Bainbridge Island Studio
253 Winslow Way W., Suite 302-B, Bainbridge Island WA 98110   |  by appointment Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

If you're booking an appointment, please include in your message: your desired studio location (Seattle or Bainbridge Island),your date/time appointment option(s), your full name, and phone number. Thank you!

Email Me

Thank you for your message!

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